Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Volley Nation*

I'm ecstatic! I finally have another thing to get busy with here in KSA. Volleyball.

It's been ages since I last played. Varsity volleyball in high school kinda sucked. Well, UP Maroons Volleyball team didn't do well even in the UAAP, so what more in the small leagues? True? Peace co-UPIANS. =)

So, finally, finally.. be playing ball again! We had our opening for the KHCC Inter-departmental volleyball league. Well, I didn't get to witness the opening ceremony because yours truly came from night shift so I had to sleep the day off. Booo.

My black team is on a 1-1 stat and hopefully this coming Friday, it'll become 3-1. LOL. All teams are pretty much competitive so we'll just expect the worst this coming Friday, with OPD and Laboratory as opponents. *Gulp*

Wish us luck, you guys. =)

And oh, hoping to be officially in the KHCC team for the upcoming Inter-hospital tourney. HoooHah! =)

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