Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*2010 To-Do List*

I know, I know. I was supposed to write this when the year just started but duh, with all the stuff going on at the hospital, what can I do? ;)

So, these are the stuff I just have to do this 2010. Or at least, will try to do this 2010. I will make a rundown just so I won't forget. =)

1. Scuba dive - Loving the beach aint just enough. The deep has much much more lovin' going on. I'm thinking Nalusuan, Pescador, Palawan or Sogod. What dya say?

2. Horseback riding - I have long been wanting to ride a horse, so hopefully, I can ride one this year. Weee.

3. Surf! - My friend talked about this one day tutorial in his surf school, so I just need to do an early enrollment for this year in time for my annual leave. I'm not gonna do that kind of surfing in the picture though. =)

4. Bungee Jump!! - Yeeeaaah! Booked already with my college classmate for this experience in Danao! I can't wait!

5. White water rafting- Was supposed to go rafting last year but the sudden turn out of events prevented us from doing so. So hopefully this year, CDO, watch out. ;)

6. Out of Town Drive- I miss driving. I miss the drive trip I do with some friends in the Philippines. To just converse, feel the wind and enjoying the scene with our music. Man, it's pathetic women can't drive here in KSA. My folks should get a better car when I get home. Haha. Joke. =)

7. Karting! - It's a pity that Kart Zone already closed before I can get a hand of their karts. We'll see, there might be a new spot opening when I get home. Speedracer mode! ;)

8. Parrrty!! - If you are a close friend of mine, you know that I'm not a big fan of parties. But you also know, that I've been planning in like forever to take my nightlife to the next level. Hahaha. Im kind of a sore loser when it comes to clubbing and stuff. But yeah, I'm optimistic that this year's gonna be my year. We'll make a quick "Life of the Party" scene when I get back. Fingers crossed that Vudu, Loft and the Penthouse will not be out of business this year. lol.

9. Outreach Programs and Medical Missions volunteer- I miss the feeding programs we used to have during college, and even post-college. I miss the sound of screaming children during medical missions too. So hopefully, I'd get to attend some of these charitable/philanthropic activities when I come home. I think my "giving-back" time is sooo long overdue. Have to give back for all the blessings y'know. ;)

1o. FAMILY TIME- The last but certainly not the least, quality family time. I miss my lil bro and sis soooo much! Be cooking for them for the first time ever in my entire lifetime! ;)

I'm putting out my calendar and marking the dates. Drats, I've got way too much activity and I doubt if I can do everything I'm planning to do. But we'll see. What Veda wants, Veda gets. You know me. ;)

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