Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Bookworm Mode*

A good number of people in the Philly are asking me as to how I spend my rest days here in Riyadh. Well, aside from resting and playing ball, I'm starting to get back to my old habit of reading.

It's such a pity that I lost interest in reading the past years. Ionno. Becoming such a dumb-ass lately. =)

But for all those who are asking 'bout the book I'm currently reading, here it is. Aristotle's The Politics. I'm still in the first few pages but geez, it's already pretty interesting and challenging. Politics at it's very basic at the same time at it's very core.

"Man is, by nature, a political animal." "Give the top-dog arms and the under-dog enough to eat." Arrgh, itching to do more reading later today.

Which reminds me, that I have to do my Sidney Sheldon collection this 2010. I've read almost all his novels but I lost the ones I bought and the others, I just borrowed. Booo. I'd like to have a physical evidence of my being way too much of a Sidney Sheldon fan. =)

*Volley Nation*

I'm ecstatic! I finally have another thing to get busy with here in KSA. Volleyball.

It's been ages since I last played. Varsity volleyball in high school kinda sucked. Well, UP Maroons Volleyball team didn't do well even in the UAAP, so what more in the small leagues? True? Peace co-UPIANS. =)

So, finally, finally.. be playing ball again! We had our opening for the KHCC Inter-departmental volleyball league. Well, I didn't get to witness the opening ceremony because yours truly came from night shift so I had to sleep the day off. Booo.

My black team is on a 1-1 stat and hopefully this coming Friday, it'll become 3-1. LOL. All teams are pretty much competitive so we'll just expect the worst this coming Friday, with OPD and Laboratory as opponents. *Gulp*

Wish us luck, you guys. =)

And oh, hoping to be officially in the KHCC team for the upcoming Inter-hospital tourney. HoooHah! =)

*2010 To-Do List*

I know, I know. I was supposed to write this when the year just started but duh, with all the stuff going on at the hospital, what can I do? ;)

So, these are the stuff I just have to do this 2010. Or at least, will try to do this 2010. I will make a rundown just so I won't forget. =)

1. Scuba dive - Loving the beach aint just enough. The deep has much much more lovin' going on. I'm thinking Nalusuan, Pescador, Palawan or Sogod. What dya say?

2. Horseback riding - I have long been wanting to ride a horse, so hopefully, I can ride one this year. Weee.

3. Surf! - My friend talked about this one day tutorial in his surf school, so I just need to do an early enrollment for this year in time for my annual leave. I'm not gonna do that kind of surfing in the picture though. =)

4. Bungee Jump!! - Yeeeaaah! Booked already with my college classmate for this experience in Danao! I can't wait!

5. White water rafting- Was supposed to go rafting last year but the sudden turn out of events prevented us from doing so. So hopefully this year, CDO, watch out. ;)

6. Out of Town Drive- I miss driving. I miss the drive trip I do with some friends in the Philippines. To just converse, feel the wind and enjoying the scene with our music. Man, it's pathetic women can't drive here in KSA. My folks should get a better car when I get home. Haha. Joke. =)

7. Karting! - It's a pity that Kart Zone already closed before I can get a hand of their karts. We'll see, there might be a new spot opening when I get home. Speedracer mode! ;)

8. Parrrty!! - If you are a close friend of mine, you know that I'm not a big fan of parties. But you also know, that I've been planning in like forever to take my nightlife to the next level. Hahaha. Im kind of a sore loser when it comes to clubbing and stuff. But yeah, I'm optimistic that this year's gonna be my year. We'll make a quick "Life of the Party" scene when I get back. Fingers crossed that Vudu, Loft and the Penthouse will not be out of business this year. lol.

9. Outreach Programs and Medical Missions volunteer- I miss the feeding programs we used to have during college, and even post-college. I miss the sound of screaming children during medical missions too. So hopefully, I'd get to attend some of these charitable/philanthropic activities when I come home. I think my "giving-back" time is sooo long overdue. Have to give back for all the blessings y'know. ;)

1o. FAMILY TIME- The last but certainly not the least, quality family time. I miss my lil bro and sis soooo much! Be cooking for them for the first time ever in my entire lifetime! ;)

I'm putting out my calendar and marking the dates. Drats, I've got way too much activity and I doubt if I can do everything I'm planning to do. But we'll see. What Veda wants, Veda gets. You know me. ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*The Photog Experience*

Not that I never had the chance of posing in front of the camera in my lifetime. This time, it's on a different scale. And believe me, it was tough as hell.

Firstly, I am not a pro model who can effortlessly make love to the lenses. Secondly, I cant help it, I am just a smiley person - - and emo/glamour shots are kinda difficult for me. Lastly, I'm just a starter, so forgive me. =)

For the haters, get over it. TO EACH HIS OWN, I must say.

All PROPS to DJ Hostalero, Jon Borromeo (and his lovely half, Tess), Wijo Mendoza and Ferdinand Tiongson for setting me up with this kind of love affair. Well, the love affair is still in the works, so fingers crossed, it will be in full bloom in due time. Thanks for being supportive, and mind you, the doughnuts really were a huge help!

Hopefully when winter's over, we can do outdoor shots with some of my friends. They are stoked with the idea of a photoshoot. Hahaha. And I am also hyper with the idea of getting my own DSLR with free tutorials from you guys! Drats, gotta save up more moolahs y'know. =)

DSLR birth pains suck and yeah, it's starting to take its toll. Good luck.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

*Jam-Packed January*

The year just started, and how!


The new year work shift was just a starter. Looking at my January roster, I could not help but utter a disgusting "uuulch!". I can't help but feel literally nauseated and overwhelmed. I just finished my ECG class and exams, and boy, it's a total brain-shrinker! Not a good thing. A few days from now, I will be taking the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support course and I need tons of prayers to get me through that painstakingly difficult stage. Makes me wanna cry, really.

After the ACLS certification, another hospital-wide exam is next. And then finally, the interview with the Director of Nursing. Shockers. I don't wanna cry no more. I'd rather die. Boo. ;(

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Thank You List (Drum Roll, Please!)

My, what a year it has been! Looking back at the past year, I can definitely say that it's been a wild roller coaster ride. Wild, but sweet.

So here's my list of a couple number of people to thank for the year that was. Twenty-oh-nine!

To my God, who has always been and always will be my guide in my continuing journey --I owe to you everything. My life is not enough to thank you for all that you have showered me with. 'Nuf said.

To my family, for being so patient with me and my tantrums. For being so understanding with all my dramas and for being very supportive with all my decisions - two thumbs and feet up for you, homies! Just so you know, I love you and I miss you all so dearly.

To my good friends - Mael, Victor, Van2, Arianne and Nhaj, my life will never ever be the same without you. I miss college but I miss you all even more. The laugh trips and the shenanigans. From the gay bars of the North to the halo-halo stops of the South. Gosh, I just wish that Canada, USA and all the other countries will stop hiring nurses so that you can all go follow me here and continue the good times (I crossed my fingers when i said this)! *sob*

To my dear Jow, hugs! I have been such a mess lately but I'm pulling through. It just feels great to know that I can always count on you. Forgive me for being such a twit, but what can I say, I am no Goddess you know. LY. See you in Egypt. Hehehe. =)

To my flatmates here in Riyadh, forgive me for being lazy sometimes. I know we all have our "lazy" moments but when it hits me, i have to beg you to grant me all your forgiveness. I know we are not seeing each other as much as we used to (what, with all the sked we have, come on!), but I have to let you know that I miss our being very noisy and being tidy with the flat (ooops, no pun intended, i swear!). Hahaha. And i just have to tell you that I miss the English movies that we used to watch. WOWOWEE's crawling in my skin. He even follows me to sleep. Help! =)

To my ER family, thanks for making me feel that I BELONG. I don't know, It's been a very difficult start but I am slowly desensitizing myself with the toxicity that is naturally in ER. Thanks for being tolerant with my faults and never failing to teach me how to correct it. As I have said over and over again in my previous entries, I partly owe my professional progress to the people I work with in the Emergency Room.

Sorry but I can't help but go over this list per person. ;)

Maam Ellen, este, TITA Ellen, Maam Jaria and Maam Felma, I can't thank you enough for being the wind beneath my wings (churvah!) and for never being hesitant to help me/us during some of my/our "dumb blonde moments". =)

Wehbi, who will forever be "ma-ARTE", thank you for sharing not only your nursing expertise but as well as the warmth of your friendship. I can never thank you enough for giving us the feeling of having a brother whilst being far from home.

Moath, well, what can I say? You were with me and Maria when we started from scratch. You are our MENTOR. I just wish we will never disappoint you. Thank you for the effort you exerted in teaching us and for never leaving us during our "trying" moments. Hehe.

Yahya for the constant reassurance that things will be okay despite some shitty moments. Thank you.

To Ayat, Khaled, Tani (Mohd), Ahmad and Sahar, aside from the assistance, I have to highlight that you guys make me laugh. Khaled's funny voice, Ayat's kalandian, Moh'd's eternal squabble with Maam felma which is very comedic to witness, Sahar's "Where Moath, Where Dahlia" moments and Ahmad's ECG exam. Bwahahahaha! My god, I'm laughing my socks off as I'm writing this! Hahaha!

To our Mudir, Madam Farrah, thank you for not being mean and for always giving in to what we want (Sked and all, all that). It tickles me to death when you ask us "How are you? You're still alive?". Hahaha. Thank you for not giving us the feeling that we have to be super-scared of you. =) =) =)

My batch mates in ER, what would I do without you?!! I just wish that the camaraderie between us will continue beyond our three-year contract. =)

To my partner, Maria, I miss you. really, I do. You were my partner when we started and we shared food, stories, dramas and all, all that. It felt like losing a cheatmate, with you being in SW. Nevertheless, thank you for coming into my life. 'Nuf said. =)

To everyone who touched my life in one way or another, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I wish you all the best for this year and may our paths be fully clear of negative vibes.


Love Lots,