Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*The Photog Experience*

Not that I never had the chance of posing in front of the camera in my lifetime. This time, it's on a different scale. And believe me, it was tough as hell.

Firstly, I am not a pro model who can effortlessly make love to the lenses. Secondly, I cant help it, I am just a smiley person - - and emo/glamour shots are kinda difficult for me. Lastly, I'm just a starter, so forgive me. =)

For the haters, get over it. TO EACH HIS OWN, I must say.

All PROPS to DJ Hostalero, Jon Borromeo (and his lovely half, Tess), Wijo Mendoza and Ferdinand Tiongson for setting me up with this kind of love affair. Well, the love affair is still in the works, so fingers crossed, it will be in full bloom in due time. Thanks for being supportive, and mind you, the doughnuts really were a huge help!

Hopefully when winter's over, we can do outdoor shots with some of my friends. They are stoked with the idea of a photoshoot. Hahaha. And I am also hyper with the idea of getting my own DSLR with free tutorials from you guys! Drats, gotta save up more moolahs y'know. =)

DSLR birth pains suck and yeah, it's starting to take its toll. Good luck.


  1. Nyahahaha, that’s nice...dont you worry u can do it...impact u already did it. Yeah, hope more photoshoot to come.